ServicePrice EUR
Minimum service fee10,00
Muffler inspection3.00
Exhaust pipe replacementStarting from 35.00
Exhaust braid replacementStarting from 35.00
Catalyst replacementStarting from 35.00
Resonator replacement30.00
Tail pipe replacement25.00
Resonator and tail pipe replacement38.00
Replacing the muffler with a product bought elsewhere will add 50% to the service fee. The service fee for replacing muffler parts DOES NOT include additional supplies, seals and/or fasteners.
Welding jobsBy agreement
Locksmith jobs35.00/h
Oil changing15.00
Oil changing with the client’s materials20.00
Light bulb replacementStarting from 5.00
Passenger car – full changing of tires (4 tires), steel wheels35.00
Passenger car – full changing of tires (4 tires), alloy wheels40.00
Minivan and SUV – full changing of tires (4 tires)50.00
Changing of 4 wheels + balancing (steel wheels)20.00
Changing of 4 wheels + balancing (alloy wheels)28.00
Changing of 1 wheel5.00
Balancing of 1 wheel (steel wheels)8.00
Balancing of 1 wheel (alloy wheels)10.00
Tire punctuation repair with stringStarting from
Tire storage (4 tires)30.00

Prices include 20 % VAT.

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